We’ll be going through what E-commerce actually means, its facilitators and the latest trends on e-commerce in India. So make sure to read the whole article to understand it better. Let’s Dive In..🌊

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce means an electronic-commerce site, which means the trade of goods and services through the use of electronic media and the Internet. E-commerce is about doing business over the Internet with the help of information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The E-commerce business basically is where a vendor has a website for online sale of goods and / or services, directly to the customer portal…

This Article revolves around integration of Cloud Computing with Blockchain. So if you haven’t read my previous article on Security in Cloud Computing , have a look at it & come back to learn some more!!

Blockchain is the technology that allows all members to keep a ledger containing all transaction data and to update their ledgers to maintain integrity when there is a new transaction. Since the advancement of the Internet and encryption technology has made it possible for all members to verify the reliability of a transaction, the single point of failure arising from the reliability on an…

We will be diving into the world of cloud computing and the Security of Cloud computing meticulously. So fasten up your seatbelts ! It’s going to be an interesting ride!!

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security — also called cloud computing security — refers to the protection and operation of computer security, applications, data, and information. Cloud security includes protecting cloud compounds against unauthorized access /access, service denial (DDOS) attacks, hackers, malware, and other threats. …

In this article we will be briefly know about things which are affecting the current security protocols and which leads to the coerce towards changes.

Cyber ​​Security plays a key role in the field of information technology .Getting information has become one of the biggest challenges of today. When we always think about cyber security the first thing that comes to our mind is the increasing number of cyber crimes every day. Various governments and companies are taking steps to curb cybercrime. Despite the various measures, cyber security is still a major concern for many. …

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